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The Hudson & Western is a ficitional 1940's era module heavily inspired by parts of the Catskill Mountain Branch of the New York Central, the city of Kingston NY and the Hudson Valley. This module was designed to be operated as a stand alone route or connected to my Dry Brook & Esopus Valley route. 


The H&W is a 4 baseboard port switching module mainly focused on local coal deliveries, goods switching and hauling passengers to/from the mountains to the port station. The route can be connected to the DB&EV to the east of the interchange for longer and through running (though there will be a 40 year time difference between the two routes and you'll have to rebuild the interchange as Esopus).


*This download includes versions for Trainz A New Era and Trainz 2019*


For a more authentic experience, pick up the official 2-8-0, passenger and freight consist at




1. You will need to have the C&O Hinton Division installed as this route does make use of a handful of dependencies from it and they will be missing from the H&W. In TANE the C&O *should* be built in. The C&O is built into Trainz 2019, BUT YOU MAY HAVE TO INSTALL IT SEPARATELY.  

2. All industries are interactive but they aren't fully configured. I believe they'll work at a basic level but you may have to configure them yourself for the full experience. 

3. Included in this download are versions for both TANE and Trainz 2019. Make sure you install the correct version into your game. There are also two dependency packs, one for each game version. Make sure to install the correct one.

5. This route uses a lot of assets from the Download Station. You will need to download them separately as they are not included in the dependency packs. It is highly recommended you have a first class ticket.


If you are missing any dependencies after installing the dependency pack and downloading everything from the DLS, please don't hesitate to send me a message and I will do my best to troubleshoot your issues.

Hudson & Western

  • All sales are final! Approach Medium is not responsible for any misappropriated funds. No refunds will be issued for any product purchased once a download is initiated. Products are only guaranteed to work within the listed game version and will not be supported in other versions unless noted. I will do my best to troubleshoot any issues you may have.

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