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TBS Legacy Assets

This catalog of assets from The Backshops is hosted with permission. Assets are no longer actively supported or updated.
TANE 2021-12-27 12-38-47-767.jpg

Roundhouse Kit

130' turntable and roundhouse kit.

Road Signs

Variety of modern road signs.

TANE 2021-12-27 12-46-15-124.jpg
TANE 2021-12-27 12-42-23-884.jpg

Rail Trail Assets

Rail trail signs and paved pathway.


Lot's of em.

TANE 2021-12-27 12-45-34-899.jpg
TANE 2021-12-27 12-50-42-291.jpg

Trackside Objects

Crossbucks and non-functioning signals.

Gas Stations

Abandoned and non-abandoned options.

TANE 2021-12-27 12-54-23-157.jpg
TANE 2021-12-27 12-50-08-525.jpg

Construction Signs

Modern construction signs.


Kroger, Walmart, ice cream shops a Pizzeria and an antique shop.

TANE 2021-12-27 12-59-37-677.jpg
TANE 2021-12-27 13-04-18-225.jpg

TRC Crossings

Working TRC crossings.


Lot's of em.

TANE 2021-12-27 13-05-36-931.jpg
TANE 2021-12-27 13-11-29-214.jpg

Vintage Road Signs

Vintage road signs.


Tiny engines.

TANE 2021-12-27 13-12-46-461.jpg
TANE 2021-12-27 14-50-19-575.jpg

Out of Service Signals

Out of service NYC style signals and gates.

TANE 2021-12-27 13-12-46-461.jpg

Municipal Buildings

2 generic municipal buildings and a school with sign.

TBS Municipal Buildings.JPG
TBS Starburst Drive-in.JPG

Starburst Drive-In

A drive-in theater with signage.

Distiller & Sons

A generic distillery.

TBS Distiller & Sons.JPG
Screenshot 2024-05-07 200423.png

Union Pacific FEF

Collection of Union Pacific FEF's created by USSC1798  

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