Assets are designed and tested in Trainz A New Era and Trainz 2019 only
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Brownstone Pack 1

Pack of 10 classic brownstone townhouses. First appearing in the mid 1800's, this style of housing was particularly common throughout the Northeast and Central US. These assets are suitable for just about any era and locale.

Generic Industrial Buildings Pack 1

Pack of 15 generic style industrial buildings. These have a bit more of a European vibe than they do a US one, but are still fantastic filler for any industrial scene. 

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TANE 2021-01-05 11-57-34-616.jpg

Generic Industrial Buildings Pack 2

Pack of 5 generic modern industrial buildings. Detailed enough for trackside use or background filler.

Generic Industrial Buildings Pack 3

Pack of 6 generic modern industrial buildings. Pack includes two variations on the fire department building. One with logo and one without. Also included are two variations of the security booth. One with gate attached and one with the gate as a separate asset.

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TANE 2020-10-27 13-05-33-041.jpg

Utility Vehicles

Pack of 5 modern utility vehicles. These are all blank and can be reskinned to your delight (for personal use).

World War II Propaganda Posters

Pack of 13 World War II era movie and propaganda posters. 

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TANE 2021-01-12 09-58-03-102.jpg

Modern Houses

Pack of 180 modern US houses. Perfect to fill your background neighborhoods with. *This is a massive download*