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Established in 1982, the North Carolina Transportation Museum is home to a collection of classic automobiles, aircraft and trains. Located at the former site of Southern Railway's Spencer Shops (established in 1896) in Spencer, North Carolina the museum is home to several steam era support facilities including a turntable with roundhouse, flue shop and the gigantic backshop where Southern Ry's steam locomotives were frequently overhauled. Adorned with the slogan, "Be Careful," the backshop stands as the most notable landmark structure on the site. 


This module is an attempt to recreate the museum as it appeared in 2020-2021. Using TransDEM and Google Earth data, the module was built with a high degree of accuracy and includes a portion of the Norfolk Southern Piedmont Division including Yadkin Junction at Salisbury, NC. Notable buildings such as the Backshop, Flue Shop and Storehouse were modeled specifically for this project.


Included with the module are all of the Non-Download Station assets required (download link below). Additional assets from the Download Station are also required and not included in this purchase (a First Class Ticket is highyly recommended). Every attempt has been made to avoid using content marked as "Payware" in Content Manager but becuse there are *several* versions of Trainz on the market, you may find some assets are missing or need to be downloaded through the N3V store from other game versions or routes. If you are missing any assets, please feel free to submit a help ticket and I'll do everything I can to troubleshoot your issue.


*Please Note*




* The route is signalled but the signals are not configured and will only display restricting or approach signals. They should be considered present for their appearances only. 


* There are no interactive industries on this module.


* The version for 19 has not been designed for use with parallax textures. It's recommended that you disable this setting from your launcher to avoid any texture warping.


* Locomotives and rollingstock pictured are not included with this module. Additional content can be found at, or the Trainz Download Station.


* Included in this download are versions for both TANE and Trainz 2019. Make sure you install the correct version into your game. The included dependency pack will work for both games.


* This route uses a lot of assets from the Download Station. You will need to download them separately as they are not included in the dependency packs. It is highly recommended you have a first class ticket.

North Carolina Transportation Museum

  • All sales are final! Approach Medium is not responsible for any misappropriated funds. No refunds will be issued for any product purchased once a download is initiated. Products are only guaranteed to work within the listed game version and will not be supported in other versions unless noted. I will do my best to troubleshoot any issues you may have.

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