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The Pennsylvania & Berwind has two high hood RS11's (801 & 802) and a few chop nose units puchased second hand from various Northeastern railroads during many of those railroads decline in the 1970's. 


These RS11's can be found in local service mostly along the Old Town and Vonny Branches. Occasionally one or two can be spotted switching around Alleghenny but they mostly reside in Juniata.


I always envisioned the P&B being mostly an Alco railroad and this is one step closer to that dream thanks to ACE_Raziel & AMM4425.


Included with this pack are versions compatible with TANE and Trainz 2019 and newer. 


*These units do not come with custom cabs

Pennsylvania & Berwind RS11's

  • Included in this zip file are .cdp's for Trainz A New Era and Trainz 2019. Make sure to install the properly labeled version into the proper game. 

    You'll also need to install the Common Files and Alco Cylinder .cdp's as well. These are not game dependant and are required for the loco's to work in TANE or 19. 

    Lastly you'll have to install a few dependencies from the Download Station. Open Content Manager, locate the loco's by filtering "Today" or searching P&B RS11, right click on them and select Download from the dropdown. 

    Everything should install without issue at that point. 

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